Inhibitor Dots

Simplify your laboratory or research needs, our Inhibitor Dots can be used as positive controls in clotting and chromogenic assays. ​

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Strips or Tubes
500 ng dot

Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are available as rapidly-dissolving 500 nanogram “dots” on disposable plastic tubes. The dots dissolves within 10 minutes into 1ml of fluids such as blood, plasma or urine, thereby transferring the compound into samples. Inhibitor dots in tubes makes it easier to mix and store the sample. Plasmas treated with Inhibitor Dots may be used as positive controls in clotting, chromogenic or other assays. Dilutions can be prepared in pooled normal plasma, blood or other fluids to set up calibration curves.​

Haematex has a new supported film technology adaptable to any potent, stable agent. It allows a library of compounds to be held as a flat collection rather than in vials, thereby allowing for more easy transport and storage. Dabi-dot, edoxa-dot, betrixa-dot, riva-dot and apixa-dot compounds are available. Also, heparin (0.3 Iu). All “dots” are color-coded for recognition. These customized dots can be manufactured on demand based on your laboratory needs, please see the form below to order.​

Samples prepared from Inhibitor Dots can be used for checking the efficacy of DOAC-Stop™. This agent extracts DOACs from test samples relatively specifically. Thus, samples prepared with DOACs from Inhibitor Dots should show restoration of original test results after treatment with DOAC-Stop™. Samples prepared with Heparin Dots should not be modified by DOAC-Stop™.​​

P.S: Free samples of 2 Dabi-dot and 2 Riva-dot inhibitor dots available on every purchase of DOAC-Stop™ on request.

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