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Our company's motto is "Imagine, hope, and act with passion, and it will come true."

In 2004, our company started with "bio-contract analysis business at our in-house contract analysis center" and "development, manufacturing and sales of in-house developed thin film-related research equipment and electron microscope peripheral equipment".

Our strengths are the technical capabilities cultivated in our own bio-contract analysis service business and the technical capabilities cultivated in our in-house developed scientific equipment business. At present, we have also continued to grow greatly in the “research reagent import and sales business” and the “bioinformatics software import and sales business,” which we launched to respond to a wide range of research needs by leveraging our strengths. Recently, we have been trying to expand our business areas by focusing on the "import and sales business of cutting-edge scientific instruments" and "import and sales business of advanced materials".

Feel free to ask us whatever you want. We strive to respond to diverse research needs and respond quickly and flexibly to changes in research needs, and provide products and services that are sure to satisfy.

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