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This is an invitation to anyone in this field of endeavour to contact us, either if you might be looking for support with any worthwhile project or if you might be interested in working with us as an associate or advisor.

Engage with Haematex Research

Haematex has a progressive R&D lab with international connections. We are always interested in new ideas and developments in diagnostic coagulation testing.

We can usually offer technical advice, possibly financial support, including reduced cost products from our catalogues and even undertake lab work if it leads to mutually-beneficial developments. Formal consultancy work can also be arranged.

We have several innovative project ideas, only some of which are active. Some may be of interest to lab scientists who wish to undertake new experimental work leading to publications or improved qualifications for advancement. Our main interests are in tests for hypercoagulability, anticoagulants, snake venoms and new technologies.

If you think you can add value to Haematex, please feel free to contact us.

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