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Thrombosis and haemorrhage affect many clinical decisions, their control can impact treatment outcomes and indeed - life itself.

Below is a selected amount of research.
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Clotting tests correlate better with DOAC concentrations when expressed as a "Correction Ratio"; results before/after extraction with the DOAC Stop reagent.
Thrombosis Research. 2019; 179: 69-72.
Exner T, Favresse J, Lessire S, Douxfils J, Mullier F.


Simple method for removing DOACs from plasma samples.
Thrombosis Research. 2018; 163: 117-122.
Exner T, Michalopoulos N, Pearce J, Xavier R, Ahuja M.


An optimized dRVVT-based assay to estimate the intensity of anticoagulation in patients treated with direct oral anticoagulants.
Thrombosis Research. 2017; 157: 29-37.
Sennesael AL, Exner T, Chatelain B, Lessire S, Larock AS, Vancraeynest C, Pochet L, Dogne JM, Spinewine A, Mullier F, Douxfils J.


Testing for new oral anticoagulants with LA-resistant Russells viper venom reagents. An in vitro study
Thromb Haemost. 2013 Apr;109(4):762-5. doi: 10.1160/TH12-11-0842. Epub 2013 Jan 31.
Thomas Exner, Lisa Ellwood, Jenny Rubie, Aileen Barancewicz


Clinical evaluation of a new functional test for detection of plasma procoagulant phospholipids
Blood coagulation & fibrinolysis: an international journal in haemostasis and thrombosis. 08/2009; 20(7):494-502. DOI: 10.1097/MBC.0b013e32832c5e51
Patrick van Dreden · Aurélie Rousseau · Sylviane Fontaine · Barry J Woodhams · Thomas Exner


Increased procoagulant phospholipid activity in blood from patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes: A pilot study
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 08/2005; 16(5):375-9. DOI:10.1097/01.mbc.0000173465.45613.a3.
Thomas Exner · Joanne E Joseph · David Connor · Joyce Low · David D F Ma


A new activated factor X-based clotting method with improved specificity for procoagulant phospholipid
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 01/2004; 14(8):773-9. DOI:10.1097/01.mbc.0000061366.73802.df
Thomas Exner · Joanne Joseph · Joyce Low · David Connor · David Ma


Conceptions and Misconceptions in Testing for Lupus Anticoagulants
Journal of Autoimmunity 10/2000; 15(2):179-83. DOI:10.1006/jaut.2000.0392
Thomas Exner


Detecting APC-resistant factor V
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 10/1999; 10(6):359-66. DOI:10.1097/00001721-199909000-00006
D B Rylatt · C Hohnen-Behrens · R L Pilgrim · L E Dickeson · M Neal · T Exner ·

A monoclonal antibody against prothrombin fragment 1 behaves like a lupus anticoagulant (Letter)
Thrombosis and Haemostasis 04/1999; 81(3):470-1.
T Exner · M Kraus ·


Guidelines for Testing and Revised Criteria for Lupus Anticoagulants (SSC Subcommittee for standardization of Lupus Anticoagulants.)
Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 1991; 65; 320-322.
T Exner · Triplett DA · Taberner D · Machin SJ

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