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Join us for 'Tea with Tom' with Dr Tom Exner. These are casual, morning-tea time informative talks about the history of developments in research of thrombosis and haemostasis.

Episode 9 - DOAC-Stop™ Updates

Introducing DOAC-Stop L™ and DOAC-Stop µ™ to the range of neutralisers available from Haematex. These products have been optimized for small testing volumes, or can be used on whole blood. Dr Tom also discusses the effect of DOAC-Stop™ on Bivalirudin, and the consequences of small particles left over in plasma after centrifuging DOAC-Stop™.

Episode 8 - Go-DOAC™ / DOAC-Test

Dr Thomas Exner talks about a new in-vitro diagnostic test for DOACs called DOAC-Test (now called Go-DOAC™)

Episode 7 - Christmas Factor / Factor IX

Coagulation expert Dr Tom Exner talks about the discovery and history of Factor IX. A deficiency of Factor IX is also known as Haemophilia B. Tis the season, as CSL have recently had FDA approval for their $3.5 million per shot gene-therapy treatment for Haemophilia B. Learn more about it in our youtube!

Episode 6 - Heparin Neutralization & HRRS

Dr Thomas Exner talks about the problem of Heparin contamination in APTT testing. A previous study (link below) showed that heparin was responsible for 39% of unexpectedly prolonged APTT tests in patient samples where the patient was not taking heparin (or warfarin). Haematex offers HRRS/Antihepca for neutralizing heparin. It replaces the usual M/40 calcium chloride solution in APTT and KCT tests to virtually eliminate the effect of unfractionated heparin concentrations up to 1 u/ml in normal plasma.

‍Link to study:

Episode 5 - Introduction to Snakes

From the Russell's Viper from India, to the Eastern Copperhead from North America, there are many snakes which produce venoms which are significant to the coagulation laboratory. Come join us for Tea with Tom, in our latest episode we introduce some of these herpetological heroes!

Episode 4 - The Lupus Paradox

In this episode of Tea with Tom, Dr Tom Exner from Haematex discusses the Lupus Anticoagulant Paradox.

Episode 2 - APTT

For our second installation of Tea with Tom we find out about the history of the APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Clotting Time) Test with Dr Thomas Exner.

Episode 1 - Thrombosis

Do you want to know more about thrombosis? Dr. THOMAS EXNER explains thrombosis, the detection techniques and diagnostic tests available and more. Join us for the first ever "Tea with Tom".

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