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Tens of millions of people world-wide have been affected by the impact of thrombosis and hemorrhage. Vital clinical decisions can affect treatment outcomes and indeed life itself. Inspired by founder Dr. Thomas Exner’s passion to develop a screening test for early detection of thrombotic events, Haematex was established to provide niche products and services in the coagulation diagnostics industry.

The now widely used dRVT and newer DOAC-Stop™ first emerged from our Sydney based R&D efforts. These globally embraced products encourage us to keep innovating. We live for cultivating the culture of thinking “outside the box” where we grow new concepts which become the core of new product development.  

To complement your testing needs, our existing product range includes bulk powder concentrates, liquid-stable reagents, sample pre-treatment agents, all of which are distributed globally. You may also find benefit from our custom-made reagents tailored to your specific requirements. Our quality IVD products supplied for the Australian market are registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). We also have a range of selected CE marked products for European distribution. Due to the nature of some of our products being based on Russell Viper venom, we comply with all CITES import and export regulations and all relevant permits are acquired accordingly. We are also compliant with all BICON regulations.  

You will also find our range of high-quality products which we distribute for Hyphen Bio-Med and Bioporto Diagnostics an asset to your laboratory.  

Haematex Milestone Achievements


New website and logo launched
International Haematology Consultant appointed
DOAC-Stop™ and Antihepca™-HRRS being transitioned from CE to EUDAMED


Marie-Curie fellow Dr Manita Dangol appointed
International distribution network expanded into Africa with Unique Diagnostics


Contribution to COVID-19 effort - hand sanitiser distributed
Inhibitor Tubes developed


DOAC-Stop™ manufactured as IVD and listed on ARTG


DOAC-Stop™ CE marked for European distribution


DOAC-Stop™ in development


Antihepca™-HRRS - manufactured as IVD and listed on the ARTG


Go-DOAC™ - DOAC Test Developed.
Bioporto Diagnostics distribution agreement.


Ready for use dRVVT reagents developed.


Antihepca™-HRRS and SACT-II CE marked for European distribution


Collagen Binding ELISA developed.
Hyphen-BioMed distribution agreement.
Antihepca™-HRRS developed.


Intrinsin APTT reagents first commercialised for South American market


Patented XACT test for procoagulant phospholipid.


Developed Intrinsin APTT reagents from dry powders


Haematex Research Pty Ltd established

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For more information about the working history of our Founder and Director, Dr Thomas Exner, visit his staff profile, or visit his profile on research gate.

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