HYPHEN BioMed, a Sysmex Group Company, is a highly specialized company for in-vitro hemostasis and thrombosis diagnostic reagents.

Its major activity concerns designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing research and diagnostic solutions for the exploration of thrombosis, hemostasis and auto-immunity. These reagents are available worldwide, through an extensive network of specialized distributors. A major company’s specificity is to focus on biological reagents, which is the expertise core of HYPHEN BioMed. These products can be applied to the various available automated platforms. The company ambitions offering to laboratory managers the reagents of the choice needed for their laboratory applications and brings full support for setting up laboratory methods in each specific content. HYPHEN BioMed proposes a complete and continuously growing line of reagents, exploring blood coagulation, thrombosis and fibrinolysis, as well as thrombosis associated auto-immune disorders.

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