Rapid DOAC-Test
Go-DOAC™ is a simplified clotting test with high sensitivity for all new DOACs (including dabigatran, apixaban, rivaroxaban and edoxaban).
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freeze dried reagent
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Reconstitutes to 4ml
1 year after rehydration

Go-DOAC™ test reagent is a modified phospholipid-rich Russells viper venom reagent with enhanced sensitivity to DOACs. Go-DOAC is resistant to most lupus inhibitors and heparins (up to 1u/ml) but is sensitive to warfarin and defects in the common coagulation pathway.

Compatible with Thrombin Time test on an analyzer.
Only takes 2 minutes. Identify DOACs rapidly.

New or direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) include inhibitors of thrombin (eg. dabigatran) and factor Xa (eg. rivaroxaban, apixaban and edoxaban). The latter group are difficult to quantitate using current clotting methods and expensive chromogenic assays for the individual agents are in use.  ​

The lupus anticoagulant-resistant dilute Russells viper venom test (dRVT-LR or "Confirm") has been suggested as a possible test method for all the DOACs since it is very sensitive to both classes of these inhibitors in vitro and in vivo and is less affected by extraneous variables such as heparins or low factor VIII levels than other clotting tests.  ​

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Also available in bulk powders, please contact us for further information.

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