Dilute Russells Viper Venom Test
Direct from the inventor, liquid stable dRVT reagents are for lupus anticoagulant (LA) testing.
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liquid reagents
Product Code:
X9701-10 (sensitive)
X9702-10 (resistant)
10ml vial
2 years
Cost-Effective Solution / Direct from the inventor
LA-Sensitive and LA-Resistant for lupus anticoagulant testing

The dilute Russells Viper venom clotting test using a low phospholipid concentration is a common screening test for LA. The LA sensitive (dRVT-LS) reagent contains a low phospholipid concentration whereas the LA resistant (dRVT-LR) reagent contains a higher phospholipid concentration. The LS/LR shows no false positive results on samples containing DOACs or plasma from warfarin patients. Our dRVT reagents are highly stable and have shown reliable results for LA testing in comparison to other suppliers (Comparative data from external evaluations are available on request).

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Also available in bulk powders, please contact us for further information.

IFU - ARTG Listed (Australia)IFU - Antihepca™-HRRS RUO (International)IFU - CE Marked (Europe)IFU - RUO (U.S.A.)
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