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Collagen, Solcoll, Alumina Gel Adsorbent, Ellagic Acid Powder
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Collagen is a classical activator of blood platelets and is widely used to investigate platelet function. These tests are carried out with diluted dispersions of collagen either on platelet rich plasma (PRP) using light transmission aggregometry (LTA) or on whole blood using electrical impedence measurement.

Product: Collagen A (2 mg/ml) Code: X9316.A Size: 1 x 5ml vial
Product: Diluent Code: X9316.B Size: 3 x 10ml vials


Slightly turbid, non-settling liquid. Solcoll is a solubilised full length equine collagen type I/III for use in platelet aggregation testing, platelet adhesion and collagen binding studies. It comes as a relatively stable 200ug/ml suspension in 0.02 M tris/HEPES glucose buffer at pH 7.0.

CODE: X9315 / SIZE: 10ml vial


C gamma alumina gel is known to specifically bind vitamin K-dependent clotting factors from citrated plasma specimens. These factors include factors II, VII, IC, X, protein C, protein S and protein Z. Such factor-depleted plasmas may be frozen away in small volumes and used a convenient and reproducible abnormal quality control reference.

CODE: X9111 / SIZE: 50ml bottle


Yellowish powder containing 10% ellagic acid-zinc complex and stabilizers. Gradually dispersible in water or 0.02M HEPES buffer at 10% or lower concentrations to form a contact activator solution.

CODE: X9552 / SIZE: 1gm vial

IFU - ARTG Listed (Australia)IFU - Antihepca™-HRRS RUO (International)IFU - CE Marked (Europe)IFU - RUO (U.S.A.)
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Collagen References:

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