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To complement your testing requirements, we have designed these products to counteract the obscuring effect that DOACs, DTIs and Heparin can have on results.


The Original DOAC neutralizer!

Developed for routine use

  • Eliminates all DOAC types from test plasma
  • Has no effect on heparin, warfarin, lupus anticoagulants, or clotting factors.
  • Easy 10 minute process
  • Cost effective solution
  • Validated in peer-reviewed journals
  • Current research investigates use in whole blood

The DOAC-Stop™ process takes 10 minutes pre-analysis, and removes the obscuring effect of DOACs from your clinical decisions.

CE in progress / IVD (as HRRS) / RUO

Save time & money!

Compatible with APTT cycle

  • Simply replace the usual Calcium Chloride in APTT, KCT & SACT tests to eliminate heparin
  • APTT/KCT/SACT results remain unaffected by abnormal plasmas containing DOACs, d-dimer, lupus anticoagulants and factor deficiencies.
  • Stable for 5 years at 2 to 8°C.
  • 10ml liquid solution - 200 tests per vial, 1000 tests per pack.


Rapidly detects DOACs!

Compatible with TT cycle

  • One stage clotting test for DOAC detection
  • Freeze dried. Stable 1 year after reconstitution.
  • Resistant to heparin/low factor VIII levels
  • Reconstitutes to 4ml. 80 tests per vial.
  • Sensitivity to DOACs and DTI’s
  • Storage at 2 to 8°C.
“Thrombosis and haemorrhage affect many clinical decisions, their control can impact treatment outcomes and indeed - life itself.”

- Dr Thomas Exner, Founder of Haematex