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Brief Professional Bio for Dr Thomas Exner

1964 - Graduated MSc (Inorganic Chemistry) from Sydney University

1964 - Product development scientist at Unilever Pty Ltd, Balmain, Sydney

1967 - Demonstrator/tutor at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

1971 - Graduated PhD (Biochemistry) from Waterloo University.

1972 - Senior Hospital Scientist, Haematology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

1981 - Principal Hospital Scientist, Westmead Hospital, Sydney.

1991 - Research Director/diagnostics, Gradipore/Life Diagnostics, Sydney.

2000 - Director/owner Haematex Research, Hornsby, Sydney.

Notable achievements

1975 - Developed the kaolin clotting time test for lupus anticoagulants (LAC)

1985 - Discovered the protein C activator in agkistrodon contortrix venom.

1989 - Founding chairman of ISTH subcommittee on lupus anticoagulants

1990 - Developed the single stage dilute Russells viper venom test for LAC.

1993 - Developed heparin resistant recalcifying (HRRS) reagent.

2002 - Patented the XACT test for procoagulant phospholipid/microparticles.

2014 - Developed the Russells viper venom-based DOAC Test.

2017 - Developed DOAC Stop activated charcoal product.

2020 - Developed Inhibitor Dots.

Published over 100 papers in peer reviewed journals.
Contributed 4 chapters to various books. 
Filed 2 patents, 10 applications. Presented talks at many meetings.
Assisted in many projects for successful PhD candidates. 

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