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October 2016


The annoying problem of test plasmas unexpectedly containing heparin and affecting APTTs is easily resolved these days using Heparin Resistant Recalcifying Solution (HRRS). Our next pet project is removing the occasional DOAC from test plasmas needing additional clotting or chromogenic tests. DOACs affect practically every test in the coag lab. Therapeutic reversing agents are coming but are tailored for individual DOACs. We have a trial product which removes all known DOACs from test plasmas without affecting any other clotting parameter. If you think this might be useful in your lab please send us an email.
Just a reminder about the HRRS, it takes the guesswork out of prolonged clotting time tests that may be contaminated with the presence of heparin. It replaces the usual M/40 calcium chloride solution in APTT and KCT tests to immediately eliminate the effects of unfractionated heparin in concentrations up to 1u/ml in normal plasma


Danish company BioPorto Diagnostics offers numerous antibodies, several directed towards important hemostasis components, APC-PCI complex especially. These include D-dimer, hirudin, fibrinogen, vWF, Thrombin, FIX, ATIII, Protein C, Protein S, PAI 1 and uPAR.


Haemophilia A - Activated factor VII (Novo Nordisk) has become a useful general procoagulant, bypassing inhibitors of factor VIII and stopping bleeding episodes, it is used in patients who have developed antibodies against replacement coagulation factor. Factor VIIa is a serine esterase of the extrinsic coagulation pathway. When complexed to Tissue Factor (TF), in presence of phospholipids and calcium, it activates Factor X to Factor Xa. The new Hyphen product HEMOCLOT™ Factor VIIa kit is a clotting assay for the quantitative determination of factor VIIa (Activated FVII) activity, in purified medium or citrated plasma, using manual or automated method. #CK092K HEMOCLOT Factor VIIa (3 x 2ml) $480

Haemophilia B - Haemophilia B is characterized by deficiency of functional coagulation factor IX. Measurement of factor IX activity (FIX:C) with APTT-based one-stage clotting assays is associated with a large degree of inter-laboratory variation in samples which contain glyco- PEGylated recombinant FIX (rFIX), also known as nonacog betapegol (N9-GP). A recent study published in the JTH suggests that the Hyphen Chromogenic FIX assay was one of the reagents which most accurately measured FIX:C in plasma samples containing N9-GP. #221802 BIOPHEN FIX 2 x 2.5ml -$350 #221806 BIOPHEN FIX (6) 2 x 6ml -$546 Bowyer AE, Hillarp A, Ezban M, Persson P, Kitchen S. Measuring factor IX activity of nonacog beta pegol with commercially available one-stage clotting and chromogenic assay kits: a two-center study. J Thromb Haemost 2016; 14: 1428–35.

GOT A STA-R, CS-5100,CS 2000/2100, BCS or ACL?

Our most popular chromogenic factor assays from Hyphen (#221402/#221406 and #221802/#221806) now have instrument applications for the above machines. The Hemoclot Thrombin Inhibtor kits (#CK002K and #CK002L) now also have applications for the ACL TOP, STA-R and Sysmex CS-2000/2100/5100/2400/2500 machines. Get in touch with us and we will email you your required application.


This simple clotting test based on RVV is approximately 5x more sensitive to most DOACs than APTTs. It is also more specific, being unaffected by heparin, weak LAC and factors above FX in the intrinsic pathway. This is a new product developed by Haematex and available in 4 x 3ml

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