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May 2017

DOAC-Stop DOES ACTUALLY "STOP THE DOACs" IN VITRO…. External evaluations are supportive.….

Thank you to those brave enough to trial DOAC-Stop mini-tablets. We have been delighted with results coming in. External testing has confirmed that DOAC-Stop removes all Direct Oral Anti-Coagulants (DOACs; dabigatran, apixaban, rivaroxaban, and edoxaban, etc) from test plasmas with minimal effect on underlying blood clotting tests. And it does so fast (within 5 minutes) and effectively (plasma volume is not critical; 0.5-2ml per mini tab can be treated).

It can be used for checking if DOACs are present in samples giving unexpectedly prolonged clotting tests or abnormal chromogenic test results. There is no interference with vitamin K antagonist or heparinoid anticoagulants. Plasmas treated with DOAC-Stop are OK for factor assays and tests for thrombotic risk. In particular it can prevent false LAC positive results due to DOACs in testing for lupus anticoagulants. Currently RUO. Please ask for more information.


We are getting in stocks of CEPHEN products from Hyphen which are identical to our popular Intrinsin APTT LS and LR reagents. The Hyphen products are made in France under ISO certification and are CE marked (unlike our local RUO products). Certified production locally is handicapped by cost/volume constraints.

ARTG listing of these Cephen APTT reagents is in progress.

We are working on following up on the CEPHEN reagents with introducing the Hyphen equivalent of our dRVT reagents to the local market. We hope to provide you with the best and most competitively priced CE marked and ARTG listed dRVT reagents on the market, we will keep you updated. Please contact us and give us your feedback on how you would like to see the packaging and pricing.
The CEPHEN LS/LR APTT pairing is arguably the most sensitive integrated system for lupus anticoagulants while the dRVVT LS/LR pair avoids the false positivity problem with DOACs. (See paper by Depreter and Devreese; Clin Chem Lab Med. 2016; 55; 91-101).


Hyphen have released new routine calibrator and control plasmas with limited number of parameters with the goal to bring down the prices:
#226601- Easyplasma Calibrator
#225601 – Easyplasma Control Set

Other new Hyphen plasmas (fitting well with our interests in lupus anticoagulant testing) are:
#SC081K LA Control Plasma (set of QC plasmas, weak and high positive, for use in LA clotting assays)

Gaining popularity in Europe are the Hyphen Liaphen kits for fibrinogen and now also for von Willebrand factor. These provide for quicker and automatable testing in comparison with older methods:
#120206 LIAPHEN vWF-Ag
#120102 LIAPHEN Fibrinogen

gRAd OneDetection Kit

With the new gRAd OneDetection Kit you have all you need to speed up your research and develop your own custom lateral flow assays. By developing your own customized lateral flow assay you will be able to develop a new test in just a couple of weeks. These kits can be used to develop quick methods potentially ranging from detection of HITTS antibodies to identifying the snake type responsible for envenomation.

This open, flexible, versatile platform is not analyte dependent and gives you total control to customize the assay using your chosen antibodies. It is an optimised generic lateral flow strip that is configured with both a test line, where a biotinylated capture antibody will bind, and a control line that will capture any antibody from mouse, rabbit or goat.

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