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September 2020


What a pity not being able to go to beautiful Milano and surrounds. Anyway, Hyphen BioMed contributed a "workshop" at the virtual International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis meeting on selected recent developments.
They also had posters on topics which included:

A FVIII chromogenic assay system for measuring Emicizumab

Hyphen BioMed founder, Dr Jean Amiral discusses the combined use of FVIII chromogenic assays designed with human or bovine FX as useful tools for testing FVIII and Emicizumab activities. He proposes a FVIII:C Chromogenic assay system, combining human FX (sensitive to Emicizumab) or bovine FX (insensitive to Emicizumab). These assays are automatable on major platforms like CS, BCS, XP/Atellica, ACL-Top and STA-R (contact us for adaptations). Haemophiliacs treated with Emicizumab- use FVIII-human FX and of patients treated with anti-FVIII inhibitors- use bovine FVIII-FX.

We are bringing back our special promotion on #221406 BIOPHEN FVIII (2 x 6ml) kits with 20% off the regular price, normally priced at $576.00, now $460, limited stocks.

Measurement of Edoxaban and its metabolites with anti-Factor Xa assays

This presentation by Claire Dunois discusses how Edoxaban undergoes biotransformations, producing many metabolites and how their anti-FXa activity can be measured using the Hyphen BioMed kits. The multi-use anti-Xa chromogenic bioassays BIOPHEN Heparin LRT (one stage kinetic) and the BIOPHEN DiXal (2-stage method) combined with specific Edoxaban calibrators and controls reliably measure Edoxaban and its active metabolites (M4-M6-M8) on various analyzers.

The M4 metabolite is the most important in terms of concentration and its measurement is similar with both assays.

#221011 BIOPHEN Heparin LRT(4 x 7.5ml)ARTG listed#221013 BIOPHEN Heparin LRT(3 x 3ml)ARTG listed#221015 BIOPHEN Heparin LRT(4 x 5ml)ARTG listed#221030 BIOPHEN DiXal(3 x 2.5ml)ARTG listed

Lupus Anticoagulant clotting assays with low interference from DOACs

Marie Peyrafitte talks about how to overcome pitfalls with DOACs and anticoagulation. As shown in several recent studies, most current dRVVT reagents are excessively sensitive to some DOACs and vitamin K antagonists (VKA), thereby giving occasional false positive LA results. Hyphen are now selling dRVVT screen/confirm reagents with improved specificity for LA detection. The Hemoclot LA-S/LA-C provides reliable, high LA specificity with no false positives (limited interference from anti-Xa DOACs, VKA and heparins).

#CK090K HEMOCLOT LA-S(6 x 1ml)ARTG listed#CK091K HEMOCLOT LA-C(6 x 1ml)ARTG listed

These presentations can be viewed at:

Alternatively, you can also watch until 12th October 2020 at:

The International Society on Laboratory Haematology (ISLH) held their virtual annual meeting at around the same time as ISTH. The presentations are also freely available to anyone who logs in. Dr Tom Exner from Haematex presented a review on "The effect of DOACs on laboratory tests and their removal by activated carbon to limit interference in functional assays". This is now published with co-authors Joe Rigano and Emmanuel Favaloro in Int J Lab Haematol. 2020, 42 (Suppl.1): 41-48.

If you are interested in DOAC-Stop or any of our products we would like to hear from you. Haematex is the only Australian distributor which carries out local R&D into coagulation diagnostics. When you purchase diagnostics from us, part of the money goes towards projects such as our own locally made DOAC-Stop, Inhibitor Dots, research on dRVVT and lupus anticoagulants.

Thanks for reading, we are grateful that we can act as your local coag news resource.

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