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August 2017


DATE EVENT WHERE 28/10/17 Scientific Workshop, THANZ New Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney
First of all, we are pleased to introduce our new team member, Monica Ahuja on board as a Laboratory Diagnostics Specialist for Haematex. She is our coagulation testing, instrumentation and product specialist. Please feel free to contact her on 0452288569 or send an email on


Let's start with ISTH 2017 Congress in Berlin, Germany where thousands of the world's leading experts on thrombosis & haemostasis came together to present the most recent advances and discuss the newest applications designed to improve patient care. The most promising were the long-sought after genetic treatments for the haemophiliacs. This was announced for haemophilia A by Dr J Pasi on behalf of several UK hospitals. Their AAV5 vector contained the B-domain deleted F8 gene and resulted in sustained clinically-relevant FVIII activity at up to 52 weeks with limited side effects.Dr L George on behalf of a group of mainly US hospitals, (but including Dr John Rasko from Sydney's RPAH) presented somewhat similar results for haemophilia B. High and sustained levels of vector-derived FIX were obtained from an adeno-associated virus-mediated gene transfer. For other interesting articles, please visit

HYPHEN have added another jewel to its crown by releasing LIAPHEN™ vWF:Ag LIAPHEN™ vWF: Ag kit is a fast immunoturbidimetric assay for in vitro quantitative determination of von Willebrand Factor Antigen (vWF: Ag) on human citrated plasma, using a manual or automated method. Reagents are in the liquid presentation, ready to use. LIAPHEN™ vWF: Ag #120206 R1: 4 x 5 mL; R2: 4 x 6 mL.  


As a major player in coagulation analysis, Hyphen continues to innovate in order to offer new reagents and controls in plasmatic coagulation like in Lupus testing. Their new diluted Russell's Viper Venom Test (dRVVT) reagents provide more specific detection of lupus anticoagulant (LA), using a manual, semi-automated or automated clotting methods. So, no more false positive LA results with DOACs. *
HEMOCLOT™ LA-S CE-IVD #CK090K 6 x 1 mL DRVV reagent to screen for the presence of Lupus Anticoagulants.
HEMOCLOT™ LA-C CE-IVD #CK091K 6 x 1 Ml DRVV reagent with high phospholipid content to confirm the presence of Lupus Anticoagulants.
(*Moore, G., Peyrafitte, M., Dunois, C. and Amiral, J. (2017). Newly developed dilute Russell's viper venom reagents for lupus anticoagulant detection with improved specificity. Lupus)
LA Control Plasma #SC081K C1, C2: 6 x 0.5 mL: It is a set of lyophilized quality control plasmas, weak and high positive
LA Control Plasma Weak #SC082K C1: 6 x 0.5 mL: It is a set of lyophilized quality control plasmas, weak positive only
LA Control Plasma High # SC083K C2: 6 x 0.5 mL: It is a set of lyophilized quality control plasmas, high positive only

Our formula for success at Haematex is simple: to focus on the needs of our customers, and a greater commitment to servicing their needs at all times. Although we are a smaller company, it makes us to respond rapidly to the requirements of our clients. This facilitates speed and efficiency. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your haemostasis requirements.

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